Wireless Network Installation

Many devices? So many cables! Cables can look bad, be uncomfortablr, and even be dangerous. With the help of wireless technology there is no need to connect to the wall to have high-speed internet. With a wireless network you can do the same things from the couch, or from the balcony, or even while watching the kids in the pool. Your connection will be the same. Call the lab and tell us what wireless network you need.
Either personally or by phone, one of our professional technicians will help you set up a wireless network that works with your needs and surroundings. We will be happy to set up a system with which you can give your guests and customers easy connection to the network, and make sure that your network is protected by wireless encoding from all unauthorized users.

Facts you probably do not need to know about networks

Wireless devices are cheap and once connected by a professional technician, are easy to use. It consists of wireless network cards, wireless routers, and wireless USB adapters, that Alex Computers can provide for you. These days almost all laptop computers are equipped with wireless technology (usually called "wireless routers") so you do not need to add hardware - just ask one of our technicians and there you have it.
Following are some networks available today. This will hopefully help you choose what network you need.
What Network is Best for You?
(WPAN) wireless personal area network Personal area network - for devices that are to be used by one person - consists of short - span wireless communication, usually up to 10 meters.
Wireless LAN - Wi-Fi Is the most popularly used network today, uses radio signals to transfer high-speed wireless data.
Fixed Wireless Data - This implements point to point links between computers or networks two locations, often using dedicated microwave or laser beams between devices. It is often used in cities to connect networks in two or more buildings without physically wiring the buildings together.
Wireless WAN - Wireless Wide Area Networks are wireless networks that cover large areas. They can be used to connect the different branches of business or as a public Internet access point.
At Alex Computers we specialize in all aspects of computer networks, with lots of experience in many technologies including wireless networks, cables, DSL, Ethernet, VPN, routers, and more.
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