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This website, ("The website", "a-c", "The store") is provided by Alex Computers 2002 Ltd. ("Alex Computers") to give the user the best shopping experience. These terms of use ("Terms of Use", "terms") are provided in order to show you the right way to enjoy this revolutionary website and gain from each purchase. Any action on this website including but not limited to surfing on the site, shopping either by web, phone, or in person, e-mail, or fax is an agreement to these terms. Alex Computers reserves the right to make changes in these terms with no notice to the user. The latest version of the terms posted on the website is the one that matters therefore these terms should be checked regularly. The store offers merchandise in stable prices and sales in order to give the user a safe shopping experience. The store is based upon other companies and reviews and assumes no responsability for the nature and quality of any products purchased. The website offers a wide variety of products and services with many features. The images on this website are provided for illustration purposes and therefore the user must be aware during the purchase or contact and make sure of the features of a product such as its color. Any information about the producs on this website, including images, texts, numbers, and graphical objects is provided by or collected from manufacturers, importers and suppliers. Alex Computers 2002 Ltd. takes no responsibilities for any misinformation or misadvertisement in the content provided on this website.


The use of this website and its online store requires the user to carry a legal ID provided by the state of Israel, own an address in the state of Israel, and be liable to purchase the products provided by Alex Computers. Therefore, prevention of a sale may occur in the following cases:
• The user has vialoated a term or law governing this website or any companies involved.
• The user has knowingly provided any false personal information.
In order to avoid any unnecessary problemsit is important to provide the website with accurate information. Personal information including billing information and addresses allows us (Alex Computers) to provide you (the user) with the best service possible. Passing any false information may be considered as a criminal offence. Registration to the website constitutes the users approval and consent to join the mailing list and receive promotions and advertisements via e-mail. The user is asked to contact customer service if wishing to unsubscribe.
• The user committed an action that appears to Alex Computers as an attempt to harm or damage the store.

Prices and Payment Options

The prices provided on the website include taxes by law and may be subject to change with no prior notice to the user. Payment options include bank transfers or PayPal, any other option requires contacting the customer service. Products will be provided only after the payment has been completed. If a payment problem has not been solved in at least 7 days, Alex Computers reserves the right to cancel the purchase without the users conscent and the client will not be able to sue or blame Alex Computers respect that.


The website relies on importers and leading courier companies nationwide ("Third Party"). Shipping time appears in the information about any product and usually stands on only 14 work days. Please notice that this time begins from charging the credit or debit card, or any other payment option. Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and holiday eves are not included as work days. Alex Computers or its representatives take no be responsibility nor bear any indirect damage caused to the client due to delay or failure caused by a third party in providing a product or service. Alex Computers will try to provide merchandise as quickly as possible in such cases as stated above. It is important to notice that Alex Computers does not supply to A, B or PA areas. Areas that are hard to reach or cause security problems are not encompassed by a-c. Products worth under 1,000 NIS are usually shipped by e Israel. Fast delivery to three business days, the customer receives the product by courier, provided that the address is included in the list. For addresses that are not included in the list, the client will be asked to pick up the product at the nearest post office. For shipping to a different address please contact customer service. A client may also pick up a product at the store. Details on times and locations are on the "Contact Us" section of the website. Billing information is provided only for shipping inside of Israel. Please contact customer service for information about purchase outside of Israel.


At Alex Computers we try our best to keep the stock of products up to date in order to provide products as aggreed. The website is not responsible for the status of stocks as it is subject to the importer of the products on the website. Thus a purchase that will fail due to problems in stock will be cancelled and the client will not be charged for it even if the payment was done in the correct fashion. The client waives any arguments towards this website or Alex Computers. If the client has already been charged, Alex Computers is obliged to return the ull price of the product or offer a replacement product.

Cancellations and Returns

Alex Computers is subject to Israeli law and aims to provide the best experience possible to its clients. A client may cancel the purchase of a product in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. Cancellation fees do not rise over 5% or a total of 100 NIS. Alex Computers reserves the right to demand losses due to cancellations of purchases from the client due to impairment in product value or any other reason. To return a product the user is asked to contact customer service. A damaged or incorrect product is also subject to return. If a product is found to be damaged or incorrect the supplier will pay all shipping and cancellation fees. If the argument from the client is proved incorrect Alex Computers can take cancellation fees, handling fees, and shipping cost from the client. A product can also be returned if the user is dissatisfied with it or its performance; only if the product is returned undamaged, whole, and inside of its original packaging. Returning of products must happen in 14 days from ____. Returning a product that is worth more than 1,000 NIS not due to damage is subject to cancellation and shipping fees. 


The website contains an online store; warranty of products is usually provided by the importer. Nonetheless Alex Computers will support any client in order to provide the best experience with any product. If any manual is found missing Alex Computers is willing to replace it as quickly as possible. Warranty begins at the moment the product has been given to the consumer. This client must fill in the required information accurately on the warranty form. Alex Computers takes no responsibility in assembly or the set up of any product purchased through this website. Please remember that a problem may occur in the accessories that the user uses with their product (Converters, Computers, et cetera) that does not have to do with the functioning or liability of the product